Hello dear readers,

Welcome in our world! Make yourself at home.

We are Mihalas family and creators of TheTurtleTrip 🙂

Just a small and a young family exploring the world 🌎

We are from amazing families and we are really close to them.

From the moment we started to travel, our entire world perspective changed. We feel like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness; and also believe that travelling will help us to reach our family goals:

Become closer as a couple and family

Love and respect people in our lives and the nature that surrounds us.

Learn to find happiness in little things

Become more open minded and open heart

Create life long memories

Our trips are well planned but in the same time enough flexible. In each of our journey we want to learn about the locals and live like them. We like to meet new friends, taste new foods and learn about new cultures.

The Turtle Trip is a reflection of the things we see and experience during our trips. We want to share our story that will reflect interesting info, travel tips and useful reviews for everyone.

Not much but a little bit information about each member of our family:


Hi,  I’m Cristina 👐

I’m originally from Chisinau, Moldova. At 16, I left my country and went to continue my studies in Romania. In addition to school and university education, I developed a deep LOVE for knowing new people and experiencing new things.

I love my family and my husband 😍


I love exercising, outdoor walks, cooking, traveling, photography and dolphins.

I like chocolate and think it’s yummy 😛




I love people …. watching them, wondering where they are coming from, what their story is, and what their final destination might be.

My favorite quote is:

Live the story you want to tell

I delight to chat with you on the blog, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my passion through TheTurtleTrip.

So please share your thoughts and feedback in comments 🤗

Hi guys!

I am Dima and I am very happy to have such a wife (wasn’t forced to say that). 😊

I hope you’ll enjoy our story trips.

Peace! ✌️




Many THANKS for visiting our blog and read about our adventures.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for our trips. Or if you just want to say hello :*

We always happy and open to hear from friends.

With love,

The Mihalas family  💑