A friend of mine told us about the Nagomi Visit …  this idea immediately caught our attention and we put this experience on the bucket list.

“Long story short – Nagomi Visit connects you with local foodies and families by visiting their homes during your trip in Japan.”

Experiencing for the first time this type of activity… on the other side of the globe, make us feel uncertain. But … it turned out to be the highlight of our trip. 👍👍👍

During our stay in Japan we were lucky to visit two amazing families.  They met us at the metro station with a welcoming board with our names on it.  After that we joined them on the way to their home, having a casual talk about the neighborhood. The hosts were lovely, friendly and very nice 🤗

We couldn’t have imagined a better host families.

Nagomi Visit, Aki host

Nagomi Visit, Aki host

Everything was perfectly prepared by our first host, Aki. We felt so welcomed at her home😊

The food … yes, we made a lot of new discoveries. Aki, cooked for us an authentic and delicious Japanese dinner, including vegetables, tofu, seaweed, rice balls, salad and miso soup – all served in lovely small bowls. The food was S😍 tasty.

The individual care to each dish was evident and our deepest thanks for receiving us in her home … was more than what we expected.

We end up the dinner with a cup of tea … probably it had some magic because now is my favorite one. Happy me 😊

Nagomi Visit, host Aki

Nagomi Visit, host Aki

Nagomi Visit, host Aki

Nagomi Visit, host Aki

Beside the delicious meal, we shared a lot of our travel stories and differences between our countries.      Aki is a real ambassador of Japanese culture, she answered to all our curiosities about their history and daily life 😙

Thank you again to Nagomi Visit and our lovely host Aki for an enjoyable evening and a lifetime experience.

Nagomi Visit, Yoshiko and Fuyuki

Nagomi Visit, Yoshiko and Fuyuki

The second host was a very friendly family, Yoshiko and Fuyuki.  The time we spent in their home was really enjoyable 🤗

The food … I loved a lot the idea with home-made sushi. Basically, we should made sushi by ourselves, using our imagination to mix the ingredients that where on the table… sounds nice, right? 🤔 … and trust me everything was very tasty 😋

Nagomi Visit, Yoshiko and Fuyuki

Nagomi Visit, Yoshiko and Fuyuki

Nagomi Visit, Yoshiko and Fuyuki

Nagomi Visit, Yoshiko and Fuyuki

We chatted about the everyday life in Japan, work, hobby, sightseeing, culture, food and sake. Yoshiko and Fuyuki were interested about European way of living and our overall interests. On the other side we aimed for learning about the Japanese culture and how their day to day life looks like.

There were a couple of hours with a lot of enjoyable moments 😙

Yesss 😊 … And the surprise at the end of the lunch … we saw and learned how to prepare and serve the traditional matcha tea 🍵.  It was an amazing experience that helped us to understand and get closer to the Japanese culture.

Thank you Yoshiko and Fuyuki for the experience of eating sushi in a different way. 🍣  Good idea to try at home 😊

We are glad that we met Aki, Yoshiko and Fuyuki and now we have new friends in Japan 💙

We can truly recommend everyone this non-touristy adventure!… It is a good way to understand what the word hospitality means for most Japanese people.

Still talk about these awesome dinners with our friends that joined us to the Nagomi Visit 😊

We will certainly keep in contact with our hosts and hope to be able to provide the same outstanding experience when they will visit Romania or Republic of Moldova  🤗 🌍 🤗

No book or travel guide can replace the experiences we had with Nagomi Visit.

P.S. All the information about how to find and visit a host, we found on Nagomi Visit official site.


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