Our flight landed in the afternoon of 24 January and we stepped out into a frozen beautiful land, transformed by winter into a fairytale.

     We’ve Found Winter Paradise.

Lapland is a charming place, somewhere between fairytale and reality that beckons us to experience its wonder.

We have pick up the car from Rovaniemi airport and headed to Saariselka, where we have booked our house. After about 3 hours of stunning snow scenery on our road, we have arrived to the destination.

The owner of the chalet, greeted us with a cheerful hello and a warm smile. The Aurora house is located in the forest that gives a special charm to it. We also liked that inside was clean and pleasant.

Aurora house

Aurora house

Aurora house

Aurora house








Our trip promised to be full of joy and not only because Lapland was spectacular, the main reason was the birthday of my lovely husband 💖

Drive around the forests on a snowmobile

We got equipped with some warm suits, face masks and helmets. Then it was the time to live a new adventure.

snowmobile adventure

snowmobile adventure

Snowmobile driving offered us a breathtaking winter scenery of the forest and a lot of adrenaline 😄

For night activity, we choose to drive with the snowmobile till the highest point in Saariselka. The place offers us a beautiful white landscape and the silence was so compact that you can almost touch it.  It is a good spot to see Auroras and night sky. We weren’t so lucky to see the Northern Light there because it was cloudy.

night snowmobile adventure

night snowmobile adventure

night snowmobile experience

night snowmobile experience









Without a doubt the snowmobile experiences was one of the most entertaining experiences we’ve had in our trips. We made around 50 kilometers.

Snowmobile driving was incredibly fun! 😍

Husky sledding

Dogs sledding in Finnish Lapland was on our bucket list from the moment we planned our journey.

On the second day of our trip, after snowmobile driving, our adventure continued with the husky safari.

My heart warms when we met the dogs! They were so cute, friendly and we loved to pet them 💗🐶💗



husky dogs

husky dogs









After a few minutes of interaction with these adorable animals, we get the instructions how to manage the dog sled and finally start our ride through the snowy forest. Dima was the driver on the back of the sleigh, while I comfortably sat in the front. ☺

The excitement of gliding across a frozen landscape in a dog sled was a wild and irresistible feel for us.

After about one hour of sledding, we were back at the farm from where the tour started. The instructor invited us into a nearby yurt and served us with warm tea, coffee and some cookies. We talked about the life of the huskies and how to become a professional dog sledder and to take part in competitions. Basically, it is A HUGE amount of work.

It was one of the most magical days we’ve ever experienced.

Aurora hunting

It’s never a guarantee that you’ll see the Northern Lights…it is always a surprise.

We got a bit unlucky with the weather cause was cloudy for most of the trip. However, on our last night we checked the weather forecast and at about 100 km from the place we were, the sky was clear. We decided right away to not sleep that night and act like professional aurora hunters 🤭. Based on the Aurora forecast we had 5 % chance to see this magic phenomenon. It sounds disappointed…but we said that we should do all what depends on us and karma will help us… and voila…the clouds cleared and we could see the spectacular AURORA! That’s something we never get tired of seeing.

This was the best reward for us.



Frankly speaking, we didn’t know what to expect when it comes to the Northern Light. Sooo…seeing it…was so beautiful and is really an amazing phenomenon to witness.

The highlights of our trip in Lapland are the unique outdoor activities we tried.

We are so happy that we could live the real winter adventure and also feel it meditative charm and peace.

PS. I loved the squeaky sound of walking on the snow and I really miss it now.  Sometimes it’s the most insignificant thing that brings a lot of joy.

  Lapland made us it huge fans.

Have you ever been to Lapland? Which experience are you most excited to live? Share your thoughts with us 😊


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