Magical is truly the word to describe Lapland.

Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus and an amazing city on the Arctic Circle.

We visited Santa Claus Village in the end of January and for us it was the best time – it felt Christmas Vibe, there was snow everywhere and not so crowded like in other periods of time, as we read.

Within the mini village there are many activities like, reindeer and husky rides, snowmobiles, ice slides, shops etc.

Simply seeing Santa Claus Village blanketed in snow. It was just so pretty!

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

Christmas exhibition

Christmas House hosts the unique Christmas-theme exposition. The exhibition is like a voyage back in time where we could learn about Christmas holiday and its most recognized traditions in different parts of the World, about the real Santa Claus as well as the history of the Christmas tree🎄

Christmas exhibition

Christmas exhibition

It is a very informative exhibition that leads to Santa’s office. It worth to take a look  😊

Say Hello to Santa Claus 🎅

We have met Santa Claus in person at his office. He greeted us with a big smile and with his arms wide open. We were lucky because the waiting line to get into his office was short.

Santa knows several different languages and we really enjoyed to speak with him. The atmosphere inside was fascinated. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Santa was in our small hometown Moldova. The time we spend with Santa was so lovely  🤗

Everybody can visit Santa Claus for free, the only cost is if you want the photo with Santa as you can’t take any with your own.

Meeting Santa is a memory we will hold for a lifetime.

We promised ourselves to bring our children here when they will have about 5 years old or so…We can’t imagine how happy we could be if we had experienced this amazing adventure in our childhood 😄

Santa is here

Santa is here

Santa’s Official Post Office 🏤

This is where all the letters written to Santa Claus from children around the globe make their way here. Each Christmas, Santa receives about a half million letters and even more remarkable is that every single letter is read by Santa and his postal helpers.

Guinness world record: The longest wish list to Santa Claus consisted of 75,954 wishes was presented to him at his official post office in Rovaniemi, on 5 December 2012.

It is nice that you can send postcards to your loved ones with a stamp and post mark from the Arctic Circle. Another lovely thing is that you can ask Santa to send a letter to your family or friend anywhere in the world.

Santa’s Official Post Office

Santa’s Official Post Office

We wanted to make a special gift for our nephews and ordered a personalized letter from Santa Claus that will be send for Christmas 2018. I can’t wait their reaction 😄

Eating time … Santa’s Salmon Restaurant

After some hours of strolling through the frozen village we get hungry. We started to look for a place where to eat and get warm up… and found a teepee-looking house. Getting inside we was so surprised that the salmon was cooked over the fire in the center of the restaurant. It was our first time when we ate in such a place and it was so magic that we step inside without even thinking about such a nice frame.

Santa’s Salmon Restaurant

Santa’s Salmon Restaurant

The salmon that arrived at our table was…yummy 😋

Finnish people have their recipe to cook the salmon…so we challenge you to try it at home, you’ll never regret.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

It’s easy to believe in magic, when you see it with your own eyes. Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi for sure offers magic for everyone, regardless of the age 💙

Would you go to Finland to see the real Santa Claus? Or, have you already seen him? We would like to read your experience in the comments of this article.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village



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