Did you ever wake up in the morning and had no idea what to do for the next 2 or 3 days …?                           – we experienced it before Christmas Eve as we decided not to go to home this year.

Solution …? – hmm, we opened google maps and found that Sofia is at just 500 km far away from Bucharest. So, it took just few seconds to make the decision … no words needed, just look at each other … in only 30 minutes we already were on our road trip.

Joining the free tour in Sofia

One of the most affordable and interesting way to discover Sofia is by joining the local guides from Free Sofia Tour . Niki was our amazing guide, that shown and told us the most important places and facts about the capital of Bulgaria. As we joined the tour on Christmas Eve, our small group were of 6 tourists from 4 different continents, which was nice 😊

The most amazed thing that for sure I will not forget about Sofia is the Square of Tolerance where you can find the temples of the 4 major religions: a mosque, a Catholic cathedral, an orthodox church and a synagogue. Sofia is unique in Europe, by having these places of worship for four major religions so close together.

Square of Tolerance, Sofia

Square of Tolerance, Sofia

I am grateful that our guide shared with us the strategic point where we saw all those temples together …it gave me an inner emotion full of peace.

Great experience – In just few hours we get a bunch of information about Sofia and we interact with friendly people.

Strolling through the city

Before visiting Sofia, many time I heard the phrase “Sofia is a city of contrasts”.  So, to get convinced about this, we went for a walk through the city.  Look at these photos and tell us if you feel the same…

Church of St. George, Sofia

Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia


Saint Sofia Church

Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia



Roman ruins, Sofia











Public Mineral Baths, Sofia








If you curious to know more about any of these places, check our article 10 Things to see and to do in Sofia

Enjoying the Vitosha mountain

Sofia is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, that makes it’s an uncommon capital. Anytime you can have a break from the city and be in contact with nature.

From almost any location in the city, we could glimpse the beauty of the mountain. It creates a perfect frame for the historical buildings and for all tourist attractions.

Taking our car and driving from Sofia up to the mountain was the best thing we could do on the Christmas day. On the top of Vitosha we breathed clean air, enjoyed the beautiful snowy scenery and the amazing view over the city.

Vitosha Mountain

I will never forget the beautiful sunset. We were so lucky to see it.

Sunset seen on Vitosha Mountain

I could not take my eyes off … it was wonderful.

This was a perfect way to recharge our batteries 😊

After a cold and fresh walk, we get very hungry 😋

Excellent occasion to eat an authentic Bulgarian food. We were at Izbata Tavern, welcoming place with typical Bulgarian interior, tableware with traditional tint and folk music. Here we taste the amazing Bulgarian cousin, that we liked a lot. For appetizers we ate Eggplant chaviar and main dishes Veal satch and Kavarma. 

Izbata Taverna in Sofia      

Appetizers at Izbata Taverna in Sofia












This tavern is part of tourist attractions from Sofia.

Trying traditional cousin is another great way to experience a destination.

Accommodation? –  a lot of great options for affordable prices. We chose “BW Premier Collection City Hotel” as it looked to meet our needs: good breakfast, central location, parking and excellent rate on booking submitted by more than 1000 reviews. It come up to our expectations. 😊

Sofia will remain in our hearts as a city full of history…that was conquered by different imperial powers which had left their marks… and in the end created this unique culture.

P.S. Visiting Sofia we managed to add one more capital in our bucket list for 2017 🤗




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