When we decided to visit VASA Museum we didn’t expect to be such impressed. It exceeded our expectations by many times.

The first thought upon entering the museum was: This is history coming alive.


The ship itself is amazing. Somehow…it remembered us the Pirates of the Caribbean movies 😄

Located on the island of Djurgården, VASA is the most visited museum in Scandinavia. The museum hosts a beautiful piece of history… the world’s only preserved 17th century ship.

It is unbelievable that after 333 years (1628-1961) under water the ship has been restored, and now we can see more than 95 percent of the original ship.

The museum offers us a really unique artwork. We found a lot of information about the history of the ship, life on the board and what caused its sinking by ten different exhibitions that are exposed around the VASA ship.

The 8 things that we find interesting from the exhibitions are:


  • For one ship of the VASA’s size, roughly 1,000 oaks were needed.
  • In the VASA, there were 8,558 iron bolts and about 20,000 wooden nails. The largest bolts measured two meters.
  • The VASA weight was estimated at 700 tons.





  • The cook made food for all the crew. The largest cooking pot was a 215- litres iron cauldron.
  • Food ration per man and month: bread ½ barrel, meat and dried fish 8.5 kg, dried peas- 16.2 litres.


  • In the year 1628, Vasa was to have had a crew of 145 mariners and 300 soldiers.
  • Sailors were paid partly in cash, partly in clothes and rations. Annual salary for senior captain – 475 dalers, master- 152 dalers, ordinary seaman- 57 dalers and ships’s boy-38 dalers)
  • The majority of the skeletons in the Vasa are identified as men, as would be expected, but there are also two women and a few, whose sex cannot be determined.

The historic collections contain many things that were found in the ship; from tools to decorative pieces, as well as personal belongings from the crew.  Inside the museum you can watch the movie in alternating languages which explained about the building and the recovery of the VASA.



We spent more time in this museum than planned. Definitely a nice surprise that is worth a visit.

We hope that VASA will be preserved for many years, so more people could visit, wonder, and imagine what kind of life our ancestors had, compared to this technological era.

Enough to entertain those who immediately get bored when visiting a museum 😄

Hope we made you curious to visit the VASA Museum. If you are looking for other activities in the capital of Sweden, be inspired by OUR TOP 3 EXPERIENCES FROM STOCKHOLM.






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