This already became a tradition, to celebrate my birthday in a new city. This year we decided to explore the beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Worth it every second. Stockholm is the city to feel, to see, to explore and to enjoy each moment.

From our escape we noticed that Stockholm is clean and super organized city, the nature is amazing; thanks to the citizens – nice people who care and love it a lot. It is definitely a beauty.

We didn’t have time to get bored, coz Stockholm is known by its museums, architecture, islands, bridges, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops which forms a magic frame.

Strolling through the historical heart of Stockholm

Luckily Stockholm is nice for strolls.

Walking through the streets of this beautiful city it was really engaging. This was the best way to enjoy the architecture, interacting with locals and feel the vibe of the city. We planned our walk in order to see the most famous sights as:



 Gamla Stan, which is the oldest and one of the most popular districts. Stockholm’s foundation begun here in the 13th century.



Alley of Marten Trotzig, the narrowest street in Stockholm. The alley has an interesting, historical charm and a funny legend.

It’s said that, when you pass through this street you need to touch both sides, think on a wish and it will come true.

I’ll keep you posted if this works 😀





The Great Church  officially named Church of St. Nicholas and informally called Stockholm Cathedral.  

A nice church with a sunning architecture.  Many royal marriages took place here.




The Iron Boy Statue known as “the little boy who looks at the moon”

It is Stockholm’s smallest statue, having only 15 cm high. It said that the sculpture brings good luck to anyone who caresses the boy’s head or offers a small gift to him. Both are done frequently as you can see in the photo. The head is completely polished from all loving hands and there are some coins given as a gift.



We also did the free walking tour in Stockholm, and it is a great way to learn about the city and its history. The tour guide was friendly and stories she told us plus the views made this experience great.

The waterfront area Strandvägen is one that I loved the most, as I am always happy close to the water. We also find the Parliament House close by.






After admiring the beauty architecture from the old city, we decided to follow the Monteliusvägen, a walking path lined with charming houses in one side and stunning view over the city on the other side. We could enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, City Hall, and Riddarholmen.

It was lovely.

Stockholm gave me the best gift, by joining three of my pleasures: enjoying the history area, walking through the waterfront promenade and a stunning view of the city from the top.

Vasa Museum

This was a surprise. The Vasa is one of the few museums that literally took our breath away.

The minute, We entered the museum and saw the incredibly preserved 17th century ship, we was amazed. The ship is really gorgeous and we are very grateful that I could see such a unique art treasure as it is VASA.

We heard and learned about these epic ships in school or from books but till this moment I didn’t realized just how gigantic these wooden vessels were in reality.

The Vasa remains in amazing condition, giving us a peek into the past. It is unbelievable that after 333 years (1628-1961) under water the ship has been restored, and now we can see more than 95 percent of the original ship.

It says that Vasa is the most visited museum in Scandinavia, We are happy to be one of that over one million visitors a year.

The museum offers a very informative exhibition about the life on board. If you want to find more, check out the VASA MUSEUM- MOST VISITED MUSEUM IN SCANDINAVIA.

Stockholm Subway Art

 Just … wow.

It’s amazing how artists turn ordinary places into magnificent jewel.

Traveling by subway I felt like I have step into an exciting story full symbolism. Metro in Stockholm is not just a transport between two places. From about 100 subway stations over 90 are decorated with art works, paintings, sculptures, engravings, mosaics and installations … It’s marvelous.

About 150 talented artists have transformed the city’s subway into a world of colour and visual stimulation, now called ‘world’s longest art exhibit’. It stretches for 110km.

Hopping from stations to station, some of them impressed me a lot. Let enjoy the photos.


 T-CentralenThis blue mural shows the silhouettes of workers, vines and flowers that gave me a feeling of calm and wander. The artwork of this station reflects the beginning of the subway and the continuity of this art treasure.





Kungsträdgården This station painted in such bright colours helps to plant a smile in the mind of people waiting for the next train. The using of green symbolise the nature and life.







Solna Centrum metro station is painted bright red with a lot of green trees and various animals. The paintings from this station raise two big social questions like deforestation and rural depopulation.






Universitetet station displays a world full of science and knowledge. This station promotes democracy and human rights.








Tekniska högskolan this station features themes of tech and the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.







StadionThis station coloured in blue and with rainbows everywhere makes me happy. I liked a lot the big rainbow that stretches across the tunnel between platforms. It represents the Olympic Games rings.





There’s no better way to indulge our love for art than to visit the Stockholm Subway.

I think that the cave stations, which I enjoyed in Stockholm, are not found anywhere else in the world. This makes the Stockholm Metro unique and worth to visit.

If you ask me what I have done on my birthday.

This answer succinctly summarizes my birthday in Stockholm, where I ate plenty, sight saw endlessly and naturally fell in love with the capital of Sweden.

This city became a place in which I promised myself I will come back.




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