Well, that was a surprise!

My favorite new country of this year is most probably going to be LUXEMBOURG. I absolutely enjoyed the weekend I spent there!

Our trip in Luxembourg begins by strolling through the city in order to explore the places, history, culture and of course to interact with the people.

Luxemburg City has impressed us with its unique sights like Notre-Dame Cathedral, Grand Ducal Palace, Gëlle Fra Memorial, Adolphe Bridge, City Hall, Statue de la Grande Duchesse Charlotte, Chemin de la Corniche and its UNESCO world heritage site (Casements and Old City).

We started our adventure with a delicious lunch and aphrodisiac sweets at the Chocolate House by Nathalie Bonn. Here I have experienced the best chocolate spoon until now. The atmosphere was unique as we could admire the Grand Ducal palace while enjoying our amazing lunch.

As I am a view lover of the cities from the above, Chemin de la Corniche was a real highlight of my trip to Luxembourg which provided a brilliant view of the old part of the city. I was here twice, once during the day, to get clear views of the stunning architecture, and once at night, to see how the city is unveiled by the lights at night.

Experiencing this wonderful view, I can understand the reason why the Chemin de la Corniche is called “the most beautiful balcony of Europe”.

Beside the panoramic view from the balcony here is also located the symbol known as Birthplace of Luxemburg.

Mostly, all the architectural jewels and monuments of Luxemburg City got my attention.

Since my husband is a football fan, we couldn’t miss the chance to watch a football match of his favorite team, in a very nice sport-bar. The food was delicious and the atmosphere very friendly.

For something more dynamic we have experienced the nightlife in the city. The atmosphere was really joyful and safe. We had a great night out having fun in more bars and clubs around the Mousel brewery area in Clausen and nearby Grund.

If you plan to explore the city at night, you might take a nap of an hour at 5 pm in order to be fresh later.

Luxembourg City is a modern city with a lot of history. It is the city for all type of tourists, those who love theatres, architecture, museums and for those who want to experience the nightlife, delicious food and friendly spirit etc.

Vianden Castel

After a day of enjoying the beauty of Luxembourg City, the next day we decided to visit the historical Vianden Castel.

After about 30 minutes by car from Luxemburg City, at the last corner on our road trip, we had the “WOW” reaction, being really impressed by the castle’s architecture and authenticity. The strategic location gave us the chance to have a wonderful view of the castle and get fabulous photo shoots. It is magnificent.I had a nice feeling looking to the nature colored in the most beautiful autumn shades that surround the castle standing proudly on the hill above the Vianden town. This picturesque image brought me closer to the history of this architectural pearl of Luxemburg.

Oh, and the rain…

We couldn’t use the chairlift due to the meteo conditions but despite that, we had an excellent time in Vianden town, appreciating the colorful houses, nature, streets and breathing fresh air … all this bouquet gave us an unforgettable experience.

Vianden is a perfect place for a little break from a big city.

Vianden was just like in a fairy tale. No more words, just look at the photo that reflects better the wonder…

European Museum Schengen – half an hour to learn a bunch

Many of the people wouldn’t be aware of the existence of this historical place, at the borders of Luxembourg, France and Germany, considered as birthplace of Schengen countries.

The museum is small but full of interesting information about the concept of united Europe and the history leading to the Schengen Agreement from 1985.

The expositions are trilingual (German, English and French). Very interesting setup, multiple photos, artifacts, interactive information stations, all of this helps to bring the history closer to us.

In front of the museum, there is a beautiful pedestrian walkway. I had a great feeling seeing all the Schengen flags and metal plates on the ground with names of the countries on it.

As it was a sunny autumn day, we took advantage and had a relaxing picnic, followed by a discussion about how we can contribute to the improvement of the European Union. It was a great time with a view of the Moselle River.

This was an amazing day spent in the tiny town of Schengen that reflects a very nice image with the museum, Schengen flags, the monument of 3 steel pillars, picnic on the Moselle River and the information that we found about the significance of this place.

I still can’t get over how beautiful Luxembourg is. It is the first country that I have visited where so many cultures, mentalities and languages act in accordance and perfect balance.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience this harmonious diversity.



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